Our team of professionals

NCWC programs and services are staffed by licensed healthcare professionals, vetted and trained to deliver holistic healing services consistent with evidence based best practices. The integrative culture of NCWC has earned substantial conformance with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) standards since 2010.


Our Team

Our Wellness Collective

NCWC is home to a variety of healthcare professionals we know as our Wellness Collective. These individuals are aligned with center culture offering a variety of approaches supporting functional growth and well-being.

Graduate Student Interns

NCWC has supported masters level counseling interns from professional counseling programs since 2003.  Each semester, students from area master’s counseling programs seek to complete academic requirements through a workplace experience. NCWC attracts students curious to learn about mindful and holistic approaches not taught in traditional training institutions.  NCWC is passionate about promoting mindful tools for well-being, proven to benefit both client and counselor. Graduate interns are available to assist clients in their journey. They are vetted, supervised and available to help clients of NCWC advance towards a life of well-being.

“I didn’t feel I was here just to ‘get sober’ but rather, to make a major paradigms in my wellness and modalities of thinking.”

Time to talk?

If the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, the world presents itself as a nail.  Expand your tools of well-being. Give us a call.