NCWC is accepting new clients and is providing new and innovative programs to address substance use disorders, co-existing mental health concerns, fear, and uncertainty during the COVID crisis.

Virtual Programs and telehealth through the Zoom platform
Zoom provides an easily accessible, safe, and effective way to conduct counseling and psychotherapy. NCWC will provide you access to virtual group sessions which continue to provide our brand of holistically integrated Eastern and Western philosophies of healing and well-being.

IOP SOP programs for substance abuse and dual-diagnoses. Morning and evening tracks to establish sobriety and begin a journey into recovery and well-being meet M,T,Th 10:00 – 1:00, evenings M,T,Th 5:00 – 8:00. Ask about our Supportive Outpatient Program (SOP); a lesser level of care that can help you get back on track, or bolster your current plan for recovery.

Wayfinders Course, helps participants to (re)discover the human capacity to navigate rough stretches. Wayfinders provides information, skills practice, and resources to help gain clarity, and develop new strategies for self-empowerment and self-care. Meets Fridays for 8 weeks
12:30 – 2:00, includes Yin Lab participation Wednesdays 5:30

Yin Lab, meets weekly Wednesdays at 5:30 and provides instruction and practice of ‘non-talk’ meditation exercises. Yin Lab encourages exploration of science-based mindful practices and is an excellent introduction to contemplative practices known to enhance clarity, balance, and well-being.

Aftercare services provide ongoing support and accountability to successful graduates of NCWC IOP programs. Aftercare is offered three times a week, morning, evening, and weekend.

Northwest Counseling’s evolving plan to provide help during the covid crisis: Soft opening considerations.
Best practices encourage the continued use of telehealth at this time. As we begin to assess ‘soft opening procedures’ the following safe practices are emerging.

  • Thorough screenings of symptoms and high-risk circumstances (staff and client) prior to face to face sessions.
  • Clients wait in car before group, breaks occur outside, social distancing enforced, wear a mask if within 6’ recommendation.
  • Provision of PPE (masks, wipes, hand sanitizers, tissues).
  • Limited number of participants (8 or less) per group session, socially spaced (6’).
  • Limiting number of all clients / practitioners within the building. Non-essential clinical staff continue to work at home (admin).
  • Frequent disinfecting and cleaning before, after, during breaks in IOP programming.
  • Hybrid IOP, combining virtual and actual groups.
  • Outdoor IOP on the premises of NCWC.

Contact for additional information to prevent exposure and to mediate the impact of the disease.